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BRIGHTENING SERUM: Corrective Formula

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Time to say goodbye sale - everything just $10.

06/06/2017 ★★★★★​

"The serum has made my skintone more even, my skin softer."


Brighten, Lighten and Smooth (Brightening Serum is the whole package)

Free radicals caused by oxidative stress from an exposure to the sun and air pollutants will cause our skin to be unhealthy and dull. (boo hoo!)

So……. Hands up if you want to feed your skin some natural, bio-active ingredients to help brighten, lighten and smooth the skin? (thought you might).

We have a rockstar formula (creating this product was one of our proudest moments) derived to give your skin what it needs (naturally) to GET YOUR GLOW ON. With this potent botanical formula, including a sustainable form of vitamin C, it will help lighten and brighten dull skin. (woo hoo!)

We also want you skin to feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom - another Vitamin C perk! It helps the skin feel smoother by activating cells called fibroblasts that make new collagen. (thank you Vitamin C gods!)

But we didn’t stop there...

We know healthy skin is beautiful skin, so we included Indian Gooseberry to PROTECT the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and metal-induced oxidative stress. (You’re welcome).

By the way.. we did a study with 27 awesome women and this was their hand on their heart feedback after 4 weeks:

  • 77% reported their skin looked brighter
  • 92% agreed their skin looked more hydrated
  • 88% said their skin was a more even colour
  • 100% noticed their skin felt softer

- Results based on an independent, 4 week, 27 subject, consumer perception study.

08/22/2017 ★★★★★​
"I have always had something to hide on my face until I started using this product.. I can now walk out in public with no makeup. My skin is lighter and brighter!"

08/22/2017 ★★★★★​
"The Serum has made my skin tone more even, my skin softer and gives it a brighter appearance and healthy glow. Love this product!"

08/28/2017 ★★★★★​
"Amazeballs!! Have only just started using it and love it. Skin feels so soft and only need the smallest amount of product."

PS: You’ll also be happy to know $3 from every bottle of BRIGHTENING goes to the YOU.HER.THE WORLD projects. (yay! you.)

Thought you might like to know: Our products are gentle enough for sensitive skin. Nourishing enough for dry skin. Balanced enough for oily skin. Don’t take our word for it: try it for yourself and if you don’t love it (but you will) we will give you a full refund. (pinky promise).



After you’ve dazzled (and hydrated) your face with NOURISH, use 2-3 pumps of BRIGHTENING all over the face. You can use under your eyes, but never go too close to your eyes.